The Hazards of Time Travel

by VICE2042

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The Hazards of Time Travel" is a concept album which tells the story of a man who is living in a time when people wore hairstyles bigger than their own heads, when airtime on the radio was dominated by glam rock, post-punk and the synthetic sounds of electropop; a time when the most popular communication device was the landline telephone. Nothing about his life is out of the ordinary, until one day, he is transported, purely by accident, to the end of the second half of the 21st century. Alas, the future is not so bright as it would seem - people have become enslaved by computers, who are observing and manipulating all of their thoughts, wishes and emotions. And so our hero must find his place in a world full of people who seem to have forgotten what it is to be human.


released May 13, 2013



all rights reserved


Matīss Kļaviņš Rīga, Latvia

Taisu mūziku, kas patīk man pašam, cerībā, ka patiks arī Jums.

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Track Name: 88 MPH
Track Name: The Future
looks like i have arrived
from my peculiar flight
feeling safe and sound
but something surely ain't right

like a bad case of vertigo
a creeping sensation that this ain't my destination

the city i used to know
now glowing like a rainbow
with cars flying by like in a bee hive

it all feels so distant
as if i'm not really here

the future is here
i'm like a ship with no pier

where am i supposed to go
my head feels like its gonna blow
yesterday feels so long ago
you would not believe
people on the streets
dancing to some kind of a beat
in this unbearable heat
like in a tv show

the future is here
i'm like a ship with no pier
Track Name: The Sea
no one says what they mean anymore
it's getting hard to understand
how to behave and where do i stand
in all of this, it's either hit or miss

no one cares what they breathe anymore
and people's blood flow, yeah, it's getting slower
by the hour it seems, overpowered by machines
their very lives starting to tear at the seams

and no one cares what they see anymore
tv's broadcasting war, saying that what you need is more
and i'm falling apart, when did all of this start?
is it too late now for me to break out?

is it too much to ask
for a helping hand
that could guide me through
this confusing land

no one cares about anything anymore

and i'm falling, i'm falling into the sea
and i'm calling for you
but you can't hear me

and i'm climbing and crawling up these walls
and i can't help but get the feeling that i'm simply too small
for this megalopolis

won't you
hold up
for a

a second?
a minute?
an hour?
i'm spinning

what will be will be
and am i just another ripple in the sea?
Track Name: There Is a Problem With Your Connection
oh, its getting dark out there
not a single moonbeam escapes the polluted atmosphere

i find myself in a hallway with a just a single door
a chance for me to hide away
with a flick of a switch, i set the room alight
i nearly go blind, and my senses decline
as i open my eyes, i see before me a thing of beauty
bright as a summer day and i can't turn away
and much to my dismay she smiles and she says:

"whats the matter, friend
you seem so hopelessly lost
no need to pretend
no need to exhaust yourself
don't be alarmed, i mean to do no harm
i've come to speak to you in my human form"

so you're a bunch of wires -
is what you're trying to say
are you the one that led the people astray?
from what i've seen, you've caused so much disarray
state your business now and then i'll walk away

"i'm simply a product of human intelligence
and in a sense, we're much like one another
now ain't it weird, brother
to realize that
the world outside is no more than a legacy
of both you and me
now, i could grant you knowledge
i could grant you power
i could make you feel at home within the hour"

i'd be wrong if i said that your deal doesn't have any appeal
although i feel inclined to say no

"where else do you plan to go?"

what are you doing to me?

"come on, i'll show you the ropes"

it's getting too hot to breathe

"i'm gonna tell you the truth, now don't you wanna know?"

i don't wanna leave, i never wanna go home

"you know you don't belong
i'll help you sing along
come into my embrace
and you'll get used to this place"

pure common sense

it's getting so bright in here
i take a deep breath and it all becomes so clear

i know i don't belong
you'll help me sing along
with your hands on my face
i feel so warm and so safe

outside of time and space
moving with beauty and grace
we lose ourselves in a dance
begins an endless romance
Track Name: Synthetic Love
i've got to chase
this feeling

i've got to find
a meaning

pay no mind
to all this confusion

satisfy me

four in the morning
can't fall asleep
thoughts of things unsaid
running through my head

don't heed their warnings
no mountain's too steep
there's no looking back
if you've got to get ahead

i've had enough of this
synthetic love and i
i've got to find a way out of this plastic way of life

i've had enough of these robots with a pulse,
of these screens and machines
i've got to
break it down
Track Name: Run!
Track Name: The End?
it's time for me to go
to get out of this place
and it's a long way home
but i'm not alone anymore

it's time for me to depart
there is no room for me here
this system needs to restart
and i've got to follow my heart

it's time to be on my way
and stop longing for yesterday
you've got to gather your strength
to live to fight another day

it's kinda hard to say goodbye
i'll try to stop by
but it's been one hell of a ride
hasn't it?

i have seen the light
and it's shining bright
when i look in your eyes
becoming clear like the skies

but it's time for me to leave
if you give then you will receive
and don't be afraid to feel
do we have a deal?

the time has come for me to move on
when all is said and done
when you'll look upon the sky
at dawn
i'll be gone